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Our common target is to tackle all the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities to achieve a real sustainability, both for the municipal administration and the neighbors of our municipality. In this point, Solar Thermal Energy is a very important potential for our municipality. The Solar Thermal Obligation will contribute to regulate, guide and enhance the development of these systems, increasing the use of energy coming from renewable resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Mrs. Adela Martínez Cachá - Deputy Mayor for Environment and Urban Quality at the City Council of Murcia (SP). Vice-President of the Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change  of Murcia.

Today, energy is a part of everyday life! As leaders in our community, we have the obligation to set an example of good practice in the areas of energy saving and renewable energy use, so that citizens would acknowledge the importance of each gesture intended to contribute to the health of the planet.

Eng. Lucian ILIESCU – Mayor of Giurgiu Municipality (RO)
“Solar thermal has enormous potential and low costs. Our challenge in Lazio is to convince people of the advantages deriving from its use.”

Mr. Filiberto Zaratti - Regional Minister for Environment and Cooperation among Peoples, Lazio Region (IT)

Solar energy will be
the “sun of energy”!

Professor Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes - Secretary of State for Environment (Portuguese Government, 1984-1985), Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy for Energy and Innovation (Portuguese Government, 2001-2002), former Chairman of the Commission for Buildings Thermal Regulations at the CSOPT  (Portuguese Ministry of Public Works, 2002-2006)

Our justifiably ambitious climate protection goals are reachable. However, this needs active combatants. With the provided regulations we found a passable way for on one hand making an effective contribution to reducing CO2-emmissions and on the other hand not overburden the single citizen. People do follow, because they feel, that we have to act for protecting the climate.

Tanja Gönner - Minister for the Environment of the State of Baden-Württemberg (DE)

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Pamplona Solar Ordinance (municipal legislation).
City of Pamplona.

The Pamplona Solar Ordinance entered into force in 2004. The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate the incorporation solar thermal energy for the production of hot tap water and indoor swimming pool water heating, in new and existing buildings subject to major renovations, within the Pamplona city. The promoter is the Pamplona City Council. The main objective is to diminish the CO2 emissions and therefore, improve the living quality of Pamplona’s citizens.




German Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energies in the Heat Sector (EEWärmeG)


The Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energies in the Heat Sector (EEWärmeG) is valid in Germany since 2009. The act introduces the obligation for new buildings to use renewable energies for domestic hot water and space heating. Alternatively the heat demand has to go by 15 % under the limit of EnEV (Act on energy savings). When solar thermal energy is used, it has to cover at least 15 % of heat supply. Other renewable energy sources like biomass and geothermal are also possible as well as the connection to dstrict heating with a minimum share of renewable energies or CHP.

Solar obligation in Murcia
Municipality of Murcia (Spain)

In march 2008 the new Solar Thermal Ordinance of Murcia was presented to the plenary of the City Council. In September 2009 was the definitive approval of the text without allegations during this period. The local ordinance of Murcia, sets some procedures, and competences for the City Council on the basis of the recent Technical Code for Construction in Spain approved in 2006. The creation of a register for monitoring the existing facilities is a key point in this ordinance, not only to oblige to the installation of the systems but also to boost a responsible maintenance of them.
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